Thursday, April 22, 2010

Felcidades (Happiness)

I titled this blog post Happiness because several wonderful things have happened for our organization in the last month. As of today we got our nonprofit status and we officially became The Rural Education Advancement and Development Organization (READ). On Tuesday of this week we finalized the members for our July project trip, and we bought our plane tickets. In the next two months, myself along with my parents, and our team will be preparing to build our Regional Library in Ecuador. This will consist of raising money for books, making our work plan, and preparing for our children’s fair. Thankfully my parents are going down 2 weeks before our team arrives. During those two weeks they will begin to promote the children’s fair, get the necessary materials ready to build our library, and they will also higher people in the community to help us with the construction of the building. With my parents doing the prep work, it will help our team be super efficient when we arrive. It has been amazing and eye opening how supportive, kind, and willing to help, people are. I have a lot of ideas, and hope for the future of this organization. Please continue to support us by reading our website, allowing us to coming and speak at your church/ group/organization, donations, and encouraging thoughts and words. I want to close with a quote from Gandhi “be the change you wish to see in the world”

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